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At Innovate concepts ltd, we design unique and iconic projects that are individually crafted to reflect our client’s identity and way of life, based on patterns of work and play.


Our design procedure integrates creativity and building science to solve our present and future environmental and economic obstacles.

Interior Design

Innovate concepts has a team of talented interior designers that focus on the needs of the clients, business drivers and culture to create environments that foster development.

Sustainability consulting

We are committed to working hand in hand with clients to be responsible stewards for the environment. We deliver solutions that meet the demands of the client, minimize the negative environmental impact of buildings and provide value for our clients while creating colourful, memorable spaces.

Project Management

At Innovate concepts we combine the application of our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. We have certified project managers that are dedicated to achieving a defined scope of work within an agreed time frame, budget and utmost quality.

Space Management

Innovate concept’s space management team help our clients spread across Nigeria achieve their occupancy requirements to align with their business needs. Our team uses industry leading work place management systems that give our clients accurate occupancy data