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About Us

Innovate Concepts LTD

Is a firm comprising of Chartered Architects, Engineers, Project Managers and Builders with deep technical expertise and a reputation for great service. We listen to our clients and transform their insights into structures and spaces that inspire, inform, and innovate.

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  • Create exceptional spaces that meet our client’s most complex design challenges while providing added value for our clients
  • Inspire people through our innovations by expressing timeless, cultural , organizational and personal values.
  • Innovate by bringing people and space together with ideas that come from eclectic minds and imaginations.
  • Care about serving our clients, and using sustainable design strategies to achieve environmentally friendly results.


  • Integral Quality Management in our operations
  • Error prevention not error catching
  • Promote Team Work in the office and on the team
  • Education and Training in-house
  • Constant Constructability Review
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Staff Mentoring
  • Quality Documents creation
  • Prompt Response to Client’s Request
  • Customer satisfaction QA System
  • Value Engineering experience with similar projects
  • Post Construction Services
  • Sharing of past experiences from recent similar projects
  • Prompt Communication with Clients and Design Team
  • Intra-Office Reviews
  • Architect Quality Assurance Leadership
  • Construction Administration - experienced